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Wasaga Beach is a town in Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. The village is a tourist attraction all year round and is situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern end of Georgian Bay. The city is located about 2 hours from Toronto. The city lies along the beach about 14 km from Nottawasaga Bay and along the Nottawasaga River undulations. The population is of about 15,000 inhabitants.

Wasaga Beach Town has the largest freshwater beach in the world and a long history. However, sandy terrain of the area, which was not good for agriculture, made the first people to come here in 1820. Although there was good land for agriculture, the area was instead full of forests, so the timber industry played an important role in the development area. Wasaga Beach made ​​history in 1934 and because the beach here has been used as a runway for the first crossing of the Atlantic in an airplane to England.

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Aerial view

Wasaga Beach, Canada - Aerial view

Slowly, the area was discovered by local families as a very good place to picnic. Was founded in 1940 near a military base and many of the soldiers here have started to visit the amusement park in Wasaga Beach. So they made ​​the city known throughout the country. After the war the area remained a popular destination for State houses or day trips. And so the tradition of townsfolk who come to the beach the first summer here.

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Nottawasaga River

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Nottawasaga River

Over 2 million tourists visit the city each summer to walk on the beach, bathe in clean and calm waters and enjoy the mountain scenery across the bay. There are many trails for hiking, biking, skiing and snowmobiling. Nottawasaga River offers the opportunity to fish or walk with your kayak. The beach is divided into several segments of public numbered 1-6, from east to west. The location within the bay makes the summer temperatures to be more moderate than those in Toronto, just as winter storm brings snow, which favors winter sports.

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Provincial Park

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Provincial Park

The city is located and Wasaga Beach Provincial Park, a popular summer destination for those who want to play beach volleyball or just to sunbathe. A beach promenade linking the two attract a large number of tourists, especially the west beach quality decreases. To the east of the main beaches, there are two other great beaches, Allenwood and New Wasaga bordered by many houses and cottages for tourists.

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