standard Top 5 Places With Paranormal Reputation

Hundreds of places – houses, cemeteries, theaters, patches of forest or desert, mountain peaks and valleys – all over the world have gained, over time, a strange fame: there are some inexplicable things happen, or at least Unexplained (scientific, rational) so far, or explained so that explanation is accepted only by those who believe in the paranormal.

Mysterious appearances, as well as mysterious disappearances, strange sounds, lights, enigmatic … including that most famous and fantastic and famous Bermuda Triangle and Alcatraz, the prison the same name, which Al Capone’s ghost haunts, here is a list 10 places that you might consider if you are passionate about the paranormal. Some of these “locations” have even become tourist destinations, visited annually by thousands of pilgrims are in search of revelation, but researchers in the field of paranormal phenomena. Why not? In an era in which tourism offers to diversify and specialize, to suit different customers’ interests, why did not exist and “paranormal tours, for those eager to know what is beyond knowledge of the world in the spirit of positivism ?

5. Ben MacDhui, UK

The second largest peak in the UK, Ben MacDhui mountain in Scotland, is considered a creature dwelling msterioase, Fear Liath Mòr I called (Man Cinder), believe in the existence of which surprised many people. Apparently, it would be a large humanoid creature covered with hair – that is a kind of European relative of Bigfoot Yeti in Asia or North America.
Funny thing is that even those have not seen the creature – and I do not believe in its existence – still talk about some strange sensations that you have tried during the ascent on the mountain: the feeling of an unseen presence in the nearby tramp. .. pretty scary when you think, if you’re alone on a mountain shrouded in fog, as is often Ben MacDhui.
True, there are scientific explanations given to these strange phenomena – for example, this was a huge gray interpertata as Brocken spectrum – a phenomenon that occurs when the sun is at an angle above orizonmtului and fog is around or clouds.
In certain circumstances, a person’s shadow on the fog serum can design around, and datprita particular position of the sun, because it’s very long shadow, so that corner of my eye saw when alone on the mountain is already frightened by the memories and stories about the man gray, and you might feel as frightening creature that you just came around.

Ben MacDhui, UK

Ben MacDhui, UK

4. Boy Scout Lane, SUA

It’s a road that passes through a forest, a dead end, which stops abruptly inthe middle of the woods. Historically, there is no record of any tragic accidentoccurred in this area. But bloody legends tell that there have been many scouts end (hence, they say, comes and Scouts Alley name – though the official explanation is that the land once belonged to the Scouts Association of America). The boys were murdered … and here, the information varies – from their instructor, or bus driver, or a fire … – in any case, it’s a number of children who had died a violent death, which conferred aura of the place haunted.

Boy Scout Lane, SUA

Boy Scout Lane, USA

Many of those who passed through here have reported strange impression: the feeling that someone is watching (without anyone around, obviously), I heard the noise of steps and broken branches, I see lights (the lights of torches), moving into the woods, and some drivers who were stopped on this road say it would have appeared on their cars which seemed fingerprints left by some children’s hands … brrr!

3. Ballet Drive, Philippines

Ballet road from Quezon City, Philippines, is the scene of legends about mysterious appearances, particularly about the occurrence of some “white lady”, a woman with long hair, dressed in night shirt and appearing in the dark, in the way of cars passing on the road.
Paranormal specialists say it would be about a woman raped by Japanese soldiers during the invasion of the Philippines in the Second World War. But legend has, perhaps, and some foundations which are related to local cultural traditions. The road is lined by trees ballets (banyan), which I think Filipinos are dwelling of demons, wandering spirits and all sorts of evil entities.
However motorists are advised to avoid that street at night, especially if they are alone in masina.In 1988, was filmed a movie on this subject to Hiwaga Drive Ballet (Ballet mystery Drive), the “heroine” is a ghost women who had died during the Spanish domination of the Philippines (nineteenth century) and who still looking for love everlasting.

Balete Drive, Filipine

Balete Drive, Philippines

2. Alcatraz Island, USA

With a long and interesting history, Alcatraz Island, off the west coast of the United States of America, hosted outside of a lighthouse, a fort and a military prison, a notorious federal prison – now a museum – it was held, among others, Al Capone, the most famous of American gangsters. And the federal prison at Alcatraz is the scene of strange apparitions and strange sounds, all attributed to the fact that this happened some violent deaths, of people who were more on the consciousness anyway, and their spirits have not yet found peace As to not let any people live in peace.
How the former prison island and especially sights are now very popular haunted reputation is maintained in special accounts of visitors, some of whom say they heard people screaming and talking their ears and snapped the door inside the prison. But a few guards and police have contributed to the strengthening of local fame bizarre, reported seeing ghosts and heard, there is a story of a witness who heard a banjo sound coming from the showers (!). However, many people is convinced that his spirit is still Al Capone to Alcatraz, which increases the prison island and the celebrity involved.

Alcatraz Island, USA

Alcatraz Island, USA

1. Bermuda Triangle

Most popular place of mystery, the Bermuda Triangle has become famous especially for the many disappearances “strange ” in the wording or spent. Since 1950, talking about planes and boats that were lost here, and their list is worryingly long. For some of them were found, eventually, rational explanations satisfactory, but some have not yet found such explanations – and it satisfactory situation, moreover, in its way, for those who truly believe that is an area with bizarre traits.
Interventions of aliens? Temporary suspension of the laws of physics? Paranormal character, pure and simple, meaning that every one be?
They are offered various explanations for events that could not be explained by the normal reasons – human error, natural disasters or equipment failures.
Official sources said, on the other hand, in the Bermuda Triangle would not have gone more than ships and planes disappear in other regions of the world ocean as some of the incidents reported were described erroneously or deliberately dramatized, some authors contributing directly and intensively on building a reputation strange triangle.
Because the Triangle is an area that stretches from the Florida Straits, Bahamas and Caribbean Islands in the west to the east of the Azores – so a very wide area, in addition, is one of the most traveled areas of the world, thousands of sailing vessels to tie around each other ports in Europe and America.

Bermuda Triangle, USA

Bermuda Triangle, USA

However, the Bermuda Triangle (or Devil’s Triangle) is itself “paranormal place” par excellence, a prototype model, an epitome of the paranormal at all – at least in the collective mentality.
All other haunted places like parks seem harmless to children, compared with him. But as you’ll see, there are plenty, for those truly passionate about the paranormal, as there may be more appealing.

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