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If your destination is the capital of France – Paris , also known as The City of Light , then you can’t miss the fabulous art collections from Paris’ museums .Paintings , sculptures , all the city’s history and much more will definitely transpose you to a dream world of art .

Musée du Louvre  – The Louvre Museum

Musée du Louvre doesn’t need any presentation – is the most visited museum in the world . Before entering the museum , you’ll notice the best French architecture in the museum’s exterior .  300.000 is the number of paintings owned by the museum but only a small part of the paintings can be showed at once , even if Louvre is the largest museum in the world . Mona Lisa , Venus de Milo or Winged Victory are part of the Sully wing , the part of the museum that you can’t miss , because it has the most important paintings of the museum . The museum collections also include decorative arts , Greek and Roman  antiquities , ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamia department  – wihich will be loved by children ,  French and German impressionism  etc . You can also finda lot of  book and gift shops . Before visiting Musée du Louvre try to research the art a little bit , see what you’re interested in because it’s impossible to  visit all the museum in one day . We would recommend two days for The Louvre . See more information :

Louvre Museum from Paris , France

Louvre Museum from Paris

Musée d’Orsay

Musée d’Orsay is one the Europe’s greatest art museums . The 19th century paintings make the main attractions of the museum which contains some of the most outstanding masterpieces of French Impressionsim .Sculptures and decorative arts that changed the European vision of the design can also be found here .  D’Orsay museum is also where Whistler’s Mother sits in her rocker.

Orsay Museum from Paris , France

Orsay Museum from Paris

Centre Pompidou

The modern art museum – Centre Pompidouis known as “The most avant-garde building in the world ” , a true citadel of modern art with over 40000 works , from Picasso to Brancusi . The museum containes a very polpular library that contains over 450.000 books and occupies the first three floors of the building . The 4th floor contains works up to 1965 and main attractions are Matisse, Kadinsky, Miró and Picasso . The 5th floor covers the period after 1965, including the pop-art movement and figurative art.

Centre Pompidou from Paris , France

Musée National du Moyen Age/Thermes de Cluny

This museum has some of the most beautiful medieval art . The church art and castle crafts of the Middle Ages make the main theme of the museum . The famous tapestries(ex: The Lady with the Unicorn) and Roman Baths are also attractions for tourists . Musée National du Moyen Age is situated near the famous Sorbonne University .

Musee Moyen Age Cluny , Paris

Musee du Vin – Paris Wine Museum

Musee du Vin – Paris Wine Museum is a wine museum located next to Eiffel Tower .It was founded in 1984 and contains all the french wines and objects used for wine making . For more Info :

The Musée Jacquemart-André

The Musée Jacquemart-André contains decorative art of 18th century .  Dutch , Flemish and Italian (Renaissance) paintings and art objects also complete the collection .

You can also visit :

Musée MarmottanClaude Monet-



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