Heizhu Valley, ChinaHeizhu Valley, China

standard Five Places Ideal For Ghost Hunting

Hundreds of places – houses, cemeteries, theaters, patches of forest or desert, mountain peaks and valleys – all over the world have gained, over time, a strange fame: there are some inexplicable things happen, or at least Unexplained (scientific, rational) […]

La Quebrada Cliff DiverLa Quebrada Cliff Diver

standard Acapulco, Mexico – A Tropical Paradise

Acapulco, a tropical paradise, is famous worldwide for its natural beauty. Here is a beautiful bay and the mountains are covered with rich vegetation, but let’s not forget about the golden beaches. Also, Acapulco is one of the most popular […]

Top 5 Islands That You Can Actually Buy

standard Top 5 Islands That You Can Actually Buy

Even though the cruel pirates no longer cross the seas in search for hidden treasures, life on an isolated island is still an adventure we all crave for. The secret maps, leading to chests full of gold, but most of […]