Curitiba, BrazilCuritiba, Brazil

standard Top 5 Modern Cities In The World

In many cities of the world, some are or will be soon, really special. If you want to see the top five modern cities in the world, where the technology is highly developed keep reading. I can say that the […]

Yellow Mountain, ChinaYellow Mountain, China

standard Five Less-Known Natural Wonders

For an article on places where you can admire the fabulous views of the world came to my mind first known destinations such as Mount Everest, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, the Alps or the famous island of Bora Bora … […]

Heizhu Valley, ChinaHeizhu Valley, China

standard Five Places Ideal For Ghost Hunting

Hundreds of places – houses, cemeteries, theaters, patches of forest or desert, mountain peaks and valleys – all over the world have gained, over time, a strange fame: there are some inexplicable things happen, or at least Unexplained (scientific, rational) […]