Vale da Lua, BrazilVale da Lua, Brazil

standard Top 5 Alien Landscapes On Earth

The efforts of scientists to start new research missions of the planets near our solar system, hoping to identify Earth-like celestial bodies are no longer a secret to anyone. NASA is already looking for a planet for decades to replicate, […]

Heizhu Valley, ChinaHeizhu Valley, China

standard Five Places Ideal For Ghost Hunting

Hundreds of places – houses, cemeteries, theaters, patches of forest or desert, mountain peaks and valleys – all over the world have gained, over time, a strange fame: there are some inexplicable things happen, or at least Unexplained (scientific, rational) […]

Wasaga Beach, Canada- Aerial viewWasaga Beach, Canada- Aerial view

standard Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada

Wasaga Beach is a town in Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada. The village is a tourist attraction all year round and is situated on Nottawasaga Bay at the southern end of Georgian Bay. The city is located about 2 hours […]

Vancouver, Canada - Lion Gate BridgeVancouver, Canada - Lion Gate Bridge

standard Vancouver, Canada – A Relaxing Destination

Vancouver is blessed with one of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Ocean and mountains surround the city, with stretches of trees covering it. Vancouver, Canada is also a starting point for exploring British Columbia, from the islands and […]

Canada,Calgary skylineCanada,Calgary skyline

standard Places To Visit In Calgary, Alberta, Canada

City of Calgary is ranked in the vast Canadian prairie meets the Rocky Mountains snowy peaks. Shiny skyscrapers rise in the suburban neighborhoods, creating an odd and various landscape, as it fells from the sky, at the confluence of the […]

Toronto skyline, CN TowerToronto skyline, CN Tower

standard Toronto, Canada Info and Destinations

Toronto, Canada lies on the north shore of the river Ontario, the lake is unmistakable image of the city: The CN Tower is one of the tallest in the world. Around it is a collection of skyscrapers, which leaves room for residential areas, parks and green spaces. The capital of Ontario, […]

Montreal, Canada SkylineMontreal, Canada Skyline

standard Montreal, Canada – Hotels And Attractions In Quebec

Montreal is the biggest city of the Canadian province of Quebec. It is located on the Montreal Island, at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. The city of Montreal is also deployed on other 74 islands, like […]

Quebec Montmorency Falls ParkQuebec Montmorency Falls Park

standard Quebec City, Canada – Landmarks And Information

Quebec City is the oldest European settlements in North America. Quebec were created earlier than Quebec City. Quebec was founded by Samuel de Champlain, a French explorer and diplomat on July 3, 1608, and at the site of a long […]