standard Rovaniemi , Santa’s home town

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, or simply Santa , lives far , far away in the north , right at the foot of a mysterious mountain called Korvatunturi in Rovaniemi , Finnish Lapland. Santa Claus lives with his wife, his elves and his reindeer and he’s in fact been living there so long that he can’t quite remember when he first moved in. He doesn’t actually say much about his home, but he does let us know  that this is an excellent place for hearing and receiving the hopes and dreams of people of all ages.


Santa Claus - Christmas

Santa is anxious to keep his secrets because they are, after all, an important part of the Christmas story. But a traveler who happened to be passing about a hundred years ago brought news that soon spread of the mountain and its inhabitants. Santa wanted to make sure his hiding place was not invaded with visitors and hit upon a brilliant idea that would allow all his friends and anyone who loved Christmas to come and meet him. About half a century ago he began making regular visits to the Arctic Circle just outside the town of Rovaniemi.


Santa Claus sleeping

Christmas is an age-old feast celebrated in countless different ways. The preparations, decorations, food and customs vary according to whether you are in US , Scandinavia, Central Europe, the Far East or somewhere else in the world. Santa has always been interested to hear how Christmas is celebrated in other countries, and respects these different customs. But if you ask him what’s best of all about Christmas, he never hesitates to reply , the children. Looking after the world’s children and making sure they’re not naughty is, in the opinion of this Good Will Ambassador, one of the most important things in the world.

Santa on Cristmas Eve

Santa on Christmas Eve

Santa is often asked whether there are any presents he himself would like. And yes there are, and he does receive them. Here is Santa’s very own present list:  smiles from everyone,  comfy new big woolly socks, good children, grown-ups who are good to children, children who are good to grown-ups, children who are good to reindeer and dogs and cats and kangaroos and all God’s creatures, chocolate and just a few more smiles.

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