standard Route 66, World’s Most Famous Road

Trip on Route 66 the legendary road that crosses America uniting Chicago with Los Angeles may be likened to a exciting initiation ceremonies, after which all participants assimilate the basics of American civilization.

Although the distance between Chicago and Los Angeles can be covered much faster by plane, there are few who still prefer to cross it by car, on a journey full of adventure and nostalgia, the old Route 66 – “column spine ‘of America.

Route 66 - Map

Route 66 - Map

John Steinbeck called Route 66 “mother road” in the novel Fruit of Wrath, a book that tells the story of what set off to California in search of a better future. Since then, the way it always has been a fabulous source of inspiration for writers, directors, composers and famous musicians such as Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones.

In any other country, a museum dedicated to a street may seem absurd – on Route 66 is but normal to encounter several museums dedicated to the history of the road, leading you back in time in old-fashioned imagination besides restaurants, gas stations, motels and old outdoor cinemas . Arizona initiative to restore the road was followed, first, the other seven states through which it passes, and now, thanks to government funding and donations, Route 66 is again in good condition, and the small towns on the edge of, threatened extinction a decade ago, make a living by selling souvenirs, tourists are very tempted to buy any memory connected to this legendary road.

At the beginning of your trip in Chicago, the indicator for Route 66 is virtually impossible because saw buildings, traffic and pollution, but on the way, the passenger seems to develop a sixth sense of direction. However, the road is almost impossible to navigate without a guide or map.

The first city which houses a well-known symbol of Route 66 Wilmington, the “giant Gemini” – a huge five feet high, what a racket in her hand (of course, Gemini) used in the first Apollo space missions. Near St. Louis, there is the most popular truck stop on the entire route – Dixie’s – the place where weary travelers can spend the night. Fortunately, the motels along the way are very numerous and cheap, many dating from the ’50s even.

Route 66- Gemini Giant

Route 66- Gemini Giant

In Oklahoma, the landscape is sprinkled with oil wells dry up and the old machinery, rusted. The local radio station to broadcast only country music can be found here first people who wear cowboy hats, their number will grow exponentially on the way to Texas. Although Route 66 crosses only a small portion of Texas State, here there is the famous Cadillac ranch, which hosts a famous work of art, dating from 1974: ten Cadillac cars buried nose in the ground at the edge of a cornfield.

Route 66 - Dixie Track Stop

Route 66 - Dixie Truck Stop

In New Mexico, the old road passes through spectacular scenery: Monument Valley, the most common filming location for western films and Chelly canyon in the Navajo territory. Arizona State Route 66 which is longest. Everything here is also one of the two-teepee motels dating from the ’50s, which offers accommodation in wigwamuri authentic.

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