standard Nanpu Bridge–Shanghai , China

The Nanpu Bridge located in Shanghai, China ,  is the first steel and concrete composite girder cable-stayed bridge built in this city .

Nanpu Bridge Shanghai China

Nanpu Bridge - Shanghai , China

The spiral-shaped interchange for this bridge makes it one of the most beautiful and distinct structures in the world . The cable-stayed road bridge is one of four key bridges that connect the Shanghai districts of Pudong and Puxi. Along the Puxi side there are three spirals leading onto the bridge, which spans the Huangpu River.

Nanpu Bridge – Shanghai China over Huangpu River

Nanpu Bridge over Huangpu River– Shanghai, China

The total length of the bridge is 8346 meters with a centre span of 423 meters, ranking third among cable-stayed bridges in the world. The tower height is 150 meters with two lines of strong cables suspending the bridge. The spiral bridge is considered to be a wonder in world bridge construction. The Nanpu Bridge is the fourth longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

The spiral bridge

The most memorable experience is to drive along the bridge is the three circles on the Puxi side.

Nanpu Bridge spiral bridge Shanghai China

Nanpu Bridge , spiral bridge - Shanghai , China

It is amazing to feel your body is thrown to one side of the car and you can fell the G- Force pushing on your body of course depending on the speed you are driving . It’s a little bit similar with a roller coaster ride and it lasts for couple of minutes.

Shanghai China

Nanpu Bridge over Huangpu River–Shanghai , China

Quick facts:

  • Designed by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute
  • Constructed by Shanghai Huangpujiang Bridge Engineering Construction
  • Main span – 423 m
  • Pylon height -150 m
  • Construction materials used composite steel-reinforced concrete
  • Open Hours: 8 :30am -16:30pm
  • Admission Fee: RMB5 ( by elevator )

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