standard Mount Shasta – White Mountain

Mount Shasta or White Mountain , is a majestic mountain, part of the Cascade Mountain Range located in Siskiyou County, California and at 14,179 feet (4,322 m) is the fifth highest in California.

Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta - California

With  an estimated volume of 85 cubic miles (350 km3) , Mount Shasta is the most voluminous stratovolcano in the Cascade Volcanic Arc and and one of the largest volcanic peaks in the continental United States.Mount Shasta is not connected to any nearby mountain. It rises abruptly and stands nearly 10,000 feet (3,000 m) above the surrounding terrain. White Mountain and its surrounding area are managed by the U.S. Forest Service, Shasta-Trinity National Forest.

Mt Shasta

Mt Shasta Sunrise


There are numerous accounts and sightings suggesting that an ancient race that utilizes high technology now resides in the bowels of Mount Shasta in the Cascade Range of northern California. According to researcher William F. Hamilton, who claims to have met representatives of this society, the inhabitants of the subterranean ‘city of Telos’ underneath Mount Shasta are usually tall, blue-eyed blonds who number in excess of over one-and-a-half million in their large 5-leveled, 20-mile long underground city. Mount Shasta has been a major site for UFO contacts for decades. These accounts are even mention in many of the travel guides to the Shasta and also the legends of the ancient people who dwell within this ancient volcanic peak.  Could this be true ?


Mount Shasta - White Mountain

Mount Shasta - White Mountain

There are seven named glaciers on Shasta, with the four largest (Whitney, Bolam, Hotlum, and Wintun) radiating down from high on the main summit cone to below 10,000 feet (3,000 m) primarily on the north and east sides.The Whitney Glacier is the longest and the Hotlum is the most voluminous glacier in the state of California. Three of the smaller named glaciers at about 11,000 feet (3,400 m) on the south and southeast sides, including the Watkins, Konwakiton, and Mud Creek Glaciers.

Climbing Mount Shasta

Mt Shasta

Mount Shasta - California

Many climbers attempt the summit of Mount Shasta. The summer climbing season runs from late April until October, although many attempts are made in the winter. The most popular route is Avalanche Gulch, also known as the John Muir Route. It begins at a Sierra Club Foundation hut known as the Shasta Alpine Lodge at Horse Camp, at elevation 7,900 feet (2,400 m) on the southwest side of the mountain, near the tree line. It involves 6,300 feet (1,900 m) of vertical gain over moraines and snowfields, with some danger from rock fall . Hiking trails also exist in areas around the base of the mountain. In winter, Sargents Ridge and Casaval Ridge, to the east and west of Avalanche Gulch respectively, become the most traveled routes, to avoid avalanche danger. Mount Shasta is also a popular destination for backcountry skiing. Many of the climbing routes can be descended by experienced skiers.

Standing at 14,162 feet, on the summit of Mt. Shasta in Northern California can be one of the most rewarding experience .  Also be careful , we advice visitors not to climb without taking a basic mountaineering . Learning how to walk on crampons , use an ice axe and self-arrest is key to  your safety !

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