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Madison Avenue located in Manhattan , NYC , is a north-south avenue running from Madison Square to the Madison Avenue Bridge. Since the 1920s, Madison Avenue is best known worldwide due to the growth of the  advertising industry , being home of the advertising giants . The avenue passes through Midtown, the Upper East Side , Spanish Harlem, and Harlem. The name was brought from Madison Square , which toke it from James Madison, former President of the US .

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden , NYC

Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue Sign

Madison Square Garden takes its name from the location of the first building of that name, on the northeast corner of Madison Square at 26th Street and Madison Avenue. The first Garden was a former rail station that was converted into an open-air circus venue in 1871 and then renamed “Madison Square Garden”.

The original Garden was demolished in 1889 and replaced by a new indoor arena designed by Stanford White that opened the following year. The second Garden had a bronze statue of the Roman goddess Diana on the tower of the sports arena. When it moved to a new building at 50th Street and Eighth Avenue in 1925 it kept its old name. (Madison Square Garden is now located at Eighth Avenue between 31st Street and 33rd Street.)

Madison Avenue was not part of the original New York City street grid established in the Commissioners’ Plan of 1811, and was carved between Park Avenue (formerly Fourth) and Fifth Avenue in 1836, due to the effort of lawyer and real estate developer Samuel B. Ruggles, a graduate of Yale University who was in part responsible for the development of Union Square, and  also named Lexington Avenue.


The term “Madison Avenue” is often confused with advertising due to the fact that Madison Avenue became identified with the advertising industry after the 1920’s explosive growth .

According to “The Emergence of Advertising in America” by the year 1861 there were twenty advertising agencies in New York City, and in 1911, the New York City Association of Advertising Agencies was founded, predating the establishment of the American Association of Advertising Agencies by several years.

Madison Avenue Fashion

Madison Avenue NYC

Madison Avenue - NYC

Between 57th Street and 85th Street, Madison Avenue can also be  identified as the fashionable road .The best known fashion designers, jewelers and upper class hair salons are located in this area .

Although  many agencies have left Madison Avenue here are some of them that are still operating in the old business cluster on Madison Avenue:

  • Young & Rubicam
  • StrawberryFrog
  • TBWA Worldwide
  • Doyle Dane Bernbach.

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