standard Interstellar’s latest trailer is absolutely stunning

Interstellar is Cristopher Nolan’s latest movie that’s going to be released on November 7 , 2014 . Interstellar is about a space traveling and hunting for alien worlds as Earth runs out of food .  A group of explorers made that happening after a new wormhole discovery. Matthew McConaughey , Jessica Chastain and Anne Hathaway are in the cast with Christopher Nolan as a director there is no doubt that Interstellar is going to be an epic movie .  

Here is the trailer #4 and the last one before the release date :

“Interstellar” is  based on the writings of Kip Thorne, an American theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in astrophysics . The latest trailer reveals that the film will start showing in IMAX theaters On Nov. 5 and that’s two days earlier that the official release date .

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