standard Five Romantic Destinations For Valentine’s Day

Paris – city of lovers, Venice – city of lovers, Prague – most recently, and she a city of lovers, the romantic Vienna, a city just right for love and so … cliche, cliches, cliches! Not that these cities would be wonderful, really are, but what would be better than others for love, that I do not know. Eventually, some may feel better lovers everywhere. Well, if you still want some proposals of destinations, because Valentine’s Day approaches, let us, for now, Paris and Venice and to seek and elsewhere in Europe. Some cities somewhat smaller – perhaps some quiet villages, or some isolated islands … sounds good, right? Or some resorts, if you want a little more bustle around … well, think again if you want peace and isolation or fuss dishes, talk among yourselves and decide. In the meantime, look, some proposals which I hope to inspire.

5. Paphos, Cyprus

A city at sea shore, beautiful as only the oldest towns on the shores of the Mediterranean can be. Near Paphos, says Greek myth, was born goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. For those who like antiques, Paphos has primarily an archaeological park in which there are: the vestiges of Roman villas with exquisite mosaics (“House of Theseus, the House of Dionysos”), Odeon – a Greek amphitheater in taking place, sometimes, music or theater performances, Tombs of the Kings – a necropolis of the noble class.

For those who like fun and modern comfort in mind, there are elegant hotels and a large and beautiful waterfront park.

And for lovers, there are plenty of trails and paths along the shore, with wonderful views over the sea and the Mediterranean nature, only good for romantic walks at dawn or dusk, in the form of a modern cult of Aphrodite.

Paphos, Cyprus

Paphos, Cyprus

4. Hvar Island, Croatia

Who says that to find a small uninhabited island should go to who knows what exotic end of the world? Only those who know that in Europe and find something … if you know where to look. For example, around the island of Hvar.

Hvar is an island in the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean island a surprisingly green and fertile, rich in springs and forests. He and pleasant cities, old, narrow streets and leisurely, and has spectacular views and beautiful beaches and good hotels, but is most of all – seemed particularly enamored – some round islands uninhabited, only good for trips two.

Hvar Island, Croatia

Hvar Island, Croatia

3. Wiltshire, United Kingdom

It is the county in which they are famous Stonehenge, which can also be romantic in its own way, depending on when and with whom you are visiting. But as romantic destination, the park’s most interesting south, near the old town and the impressive Salisbury.

That’s because, in the southern county of Wiltshire, lies a portion of the New Forest (most are in the neighboring county, Hamphsire), a large piece (570 square kilometers) of forest clearings and meadows interrupted by the remnant of the big woods which once covered England. Forest is crossed by paths and walkways, wonderful for walking, on foot or by bicycle, for intimate conversations, moments of tenderness, etc..

Somewhere in the vicinity, there is a village called Lover (however, not pronounced as we believe, but something like Dover), where, until recently (not to disband until the post office), send lovers, Valentine’s Day , and scrisorele cards in envelopes marked with the stamp that said Lover. Today, visitors to the main entertainment is to shoot the next pointer entry point.

Wiltshire,  United Kingdom

Wiltshire, United Kingdom

However, the land is beautiful, with picturesque villages with medieval monuments (such as the grand cathedral of Salisbury) or old (well, go and Stonehenge in Wiltshire if all you got), the sumptuous residences of nobles (like Wilton House, the residence of Earl of Pembroke, a magnificent mansion in the middle of a park like, you can visit!) and especially with that fantastic forest …

2. Bruges, Belgium

Medieval architecture, canals, cobblestone streets – many of them too narrow for cars – it’s about Bruges. And many terraces, and many shops chocolate (Belgian chocolate, real, you know it?), and more beer (more beer, Belgian beer that good – you can not, it’s too good to be true!) and … yeah ‘Why do we even care, not enough?

Chocolate for her and beer for him … that gives plenty of romantic getaway! If – however – you want something else, try some quiet boating on the canals of the city and a visit to Minnewater – Lake of Love – an eye of water, with swans and willows, surrounded by an idyllic landscape, a beautiful park – even is romantic, emotional memories built good to keep a whole life.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium

1. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Instead of “Prague – the city of lovers, try to go to Karlovy Vary. And do not think that a spa is good only for people of a certain age, who have lost much romance and not only rheumatism and remember.

Hei, how many romances these resorts are tied in the days when people went there to have fun and not just to treat. Especially one so old and famous resort (formerly Karlsbad is Karlovy Vary, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the famous spa town where the elite come and all of Europe) has seen many in its time.

Even if you do not really need water springs, small town, full of razor-century monumental buildings of the past – some of which are now luxury hotels – and surrounded by forests, is worth visiting. A carriage ride through gorgeous buildings, colored, richly decorated facades, or a field trip (on foot, on a path through the woods, or funicular) up the tower of Diana and other surrounding hills promenade, where air and will take relaxed without losing sight of colorful scenery blanketed the valley town … beautiful, increasingly, it’s nice and relaxing, exactly what he needs to relax a tired couple, even though he’s young.

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

If you are tired, but instead, want a bit of anxiety, liveliness, nightlife, chic … no problem, after all, are a fashionable resort. There are also restaurants, and casinos, and clubs … That’s one of the great charms of the place.

Naturally, it’s easier if you both want the same thing. Otherwise, if one wants a romantic walk, quiet, hand in hand, and another wants a cabaret show with dulcimer and glitter … do not know your handle, it’s your problem.The important thing is that there are opportunities for one and another. Enjoy!

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