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Coronado Bridge or San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge , linking San Diego with Coronado, California  and  crossing over San Diego Bay, is a prestressed concrete/steel  girder bridge. Coronado Bridge bridge interchanges with Interstate 5 in San Diego and becomes Route 75 in Coronado.

Coronado bridge

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge


The 2.1 mi long (3,407 m or) bridge ascends from Coronado at a 4.67 percent grade before curving 80 degrees toward San Diego. The span reaches a maximum height of 200 feet (61m), allowing the U.S. Navy ships which operate out of the nearby Naval Station San Diego to pass underneath it.


Coronado Bridge

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge at Night

San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge  construction started in February 1967, and the bridge was opened to traffic on August 3, 1969 during the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of San Diego,the oldest city on the West Coast.

It is designated  as part of California State Highway 75. San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge  is constructed entirely and exclusively for motor vehicle traffic. There are no pedestrian walkways, bike paths, or shoulders . Beginning in 2008, cyclists have the once-a-year opportunity to ride over the bridge in the Bike the Bay “fun ride”.

Did you know ?

  • Coronado Bridge  is the third deadliest suicide bridge in the USA, trailing only the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Aurora Bridge in Seattle. Between 1972 and 2000, more than 200 suicides occurred on the bridge.
  • The $50 million received the “Most Beautiful Bridge” Award of Merit from the American Institute of Steel Construction in 1970.
  • The San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge is rapidly becoming a symbol of the San Diego area-just as the Golden Gate or San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges .
  • Coronado Bridge  is known among the world’s greatest bridges for the number and size of its concrete towers. There are 30 towers that reach a height of 200 feet.

Coronado Bridge Facts

  • coronado bridge

    Coronado Bridge - San Diego , California

    Location – San Diego , Coronado

  • Crosses – San Diego Bay
  • Design – Prestressed concrete/steel bridge
  • Total length 3.4 kilometres (2.1 mi)
  • Longest span 1,880 feet (573 m)
  • Clearance below 60.96 meters (200 ft)
  • Opened – August 3, 1969
  • Total cost – $ 47.6 million
  • Traffic lanes – 5 lanes (2 in each direction, the middle lane is reversible)
  • Traffic – 68,000 vehicles daily

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