Running With The Bulls In Spain, PamplonaRunning With The Bulls In Spain, Pamplona

standard Top 10 Amazing Destinations For Unusual Activities

The people looking for thrills not usually seek destinations where they can visit historic buildings and where they can enjoy a nice weather to tan and relax. They look for destinations where they can get up to as many exciting activities […]


standard Top 10 Places For Watersports In The World Part 2

I presented you the first five perfect locations for watersports. Now, I present you the last five places for a perfect vacation and also for watersports fans. Here are the last five places for watersports in the world: Spain Spain […]

Cape Town, South AfricaCape Town, South Africa

standard Top 10 Tourist Destinations For This Year Part 1

I present you top ten tourist destinations for this year. The locations are around the world and are amazing for a perfect vacation. In the first part I show you the first five tourist destinations for this year. Here are […]

Camp Nou, SpainCamp Nou, Spain

standard Camp Nou Stadium, The Biggest European Stadium

Nou Camp Stadium (field, new ground, in the Catalan dialect) was inaugurated in 1957 and was known at that time under the name “FC Barcelona Stadium”. In 2001 he adopted the current name, meaning he received the popular name since […]

Vale da Lua, BrazilVale da Lua, Brazil

standard Top 5 Alien Landscapes On Earth

The efforts of scientists to start new research missions of the planets near our solar system, hoping to identify Earth-like celestial bodies are no longer a secret to anyone. NASA is already looking for a planet for decades to replicate, […]