Cancun, MexicoCancun, Mexico

standard Top 10 Tourist Destinations For Singles Part 1

The summer is here and a lot of people travel around the world to spend their vacation. But if you want to go solo, you may know that are some special places for a single vacation. If you want to […]


standard Top 10 Places For Watersports In The World Part 1

The summer is one of the most beautiful season. Many people likes this season because loves the beach and the sea. I present you top ten places for watersports, the perfect destinations for surfing and for other sports in water. […]

Sydney, AustraliaSydney, Australia

standard Top 10 Tourist Destinations For This Year Part 2

I presented you the first five top tourist destination for this year. Now, I will present you the last five top tourist  destinations for this year. Don’t forget, the locations are around the world and are the perfect choice for all ages. Here […]

Istria, CroatiaIstria, Croatia

standard Top 5 Summer Tourist Destinations

Summer is the period when the kids are out of school and a lot of people take their vacations. There are many tourist destinations in the world, but only some of them are perfect to visit in the hot season. […]

Lombard Street, CaliforniaLombard Street, California

standard Top Unusual Roads In The World

Hi guys. I present you the most unusual roads in the world. From the most intricate road like Lombard Street, California where are no less than eight 180 degrees curves, to the road where can easily land a plane, here […]

Saint-Michele CastleSaint-Michele Castle

standard Most Interesting Castles In Europe

If you want to visit majestic castles, full of history, Europe is the best place. I propose you a tour of the most interesting castles in Europe , the ones that wake your respect, but also satisfy your romantic side. […]

Palace of WestminsterPalace of Westminster

standard Top Six Free Tourist Destinations In London

Who cares if the hotels and the restaurants from London are very expensive or that the life in London has a high price, when the free tourist bids are so many in the capital of England. London, the England capital, has […]

Karlovy Vary, Czech RepublicKarlovy Vary, Czech Republic

standard Five Romantic Destinations For Valentine’s Day

Paris – city of lovers, Venice – city of lovers, Prague – most recently, and she a city of lovers, the romantic Vienna, a city just right for love and so … cliche, cliches, cliches! Not that these cities would […]

Bermuda Triangle, USABermuda Triangle, USA

standard Top 5 Places With Paranormal Reputation

Hundreds of places – houses, cemeteries, theaters, patches of forest or desert, mountain peaks and valleys – all over the world have gained, over time, a strange fame: there are some inexplicable things happen, or at least Unexplained (scientific, rational) […]

Chiang MaiChiang Mai

standard 10 Places Where You Can Go If The “End Of The World” Is Coming Part 1

Regardless of how you imagine the end of the world, the Earth gives us a lot of places where we can escape from the path of disaster. War, global warming, nuclear bombs, economic collapse, end of renewable resources are just […]