Itacare, BrazilItacare, Brazil

standard Top 5 Amazing Surf Spots In Latin America

Are you a true surfer who would do anything just to ride some waves? If you want to find some undiscovered surf spots I give you a hint: Latin America. A place with amazing waves and tunnels galore, Central and South American beaches are calling surfers like […]


standard Top 10 Beaches In The World For This Summer Part 2

I presented you the first five most beautiful beaches in the world. Now, I present to the other five most beautiful beaches in the world for this summer. The beaches are the perfect destination for summer holidays. Here are the […]


standard Top 10 Places For Watersports In The World Part 2

I presented you the first five perfect locations for watersports. Now, I present you the last five places for a perfect vacation and also for watersports fans. Here are the last five places for watersports in the world: Spain Spain […]

Curitiba, BrazilCuritiba, Brazil

standard Top 5 Modern Cities In The World

In many cities of the world, some are or will be soon, really special. If you want to see the top five modern cities in the world, where the technology is highly developed keep reading. I can say that the […]

Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

standard Six Places To Visit Before They Disappear

A real hourglass sits above the heads of many wonderful places in the world: the human pollution, the natural erosion and other reasons are the things that will soon lead to the disappearance of at least six special places on […]

Vale da Lua, BrazilVale da Lua, Brazil

standard Top 5 Alien Landscapes On Earth

The efforts of scientists to start new research missions of the planets near our solar system, hoping to identify Earth-like celestial bodies are no longer a secret to anyone. NASA is already looking for a planet for decades to replicate, […]

Vieques Island, Puerto RicoVieques Island, Puerto Rico

standard Top 5 Unknown Paradises On Terra

The Christian religion is the ultimate reward of an afterlife in heaven, the ultimate expression of beauty, promised only to those who have followed the rules and biblical teachings in life. Beautiful Heaven was described with its landscapes gardens and […]