standard World of Coca-Cola , Atlanta

The World of Coca-Cola , located in Atlanta , is a museum featuring the history of The Coca-Cola Company , advertising , entertainment areas and attractions . It is located in Pemberton Place the 20-acre (81,000 m2) and was opened to the public on May 24, 2007, relocating from and replacing the original exhibit.


World of Coca-Cola , Atlanta


New World of Coca Cola Museum

New World of Coca Cola

In August of 1990, the Coca-Cola Company opened the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta and remained open for 16 years until it was replaced by the New World of Coca-Cola at Pemberton Place.  The institution describes itself as “a tribute to a unique product and the consumers who have made it the world’s favorite soft drink” . It tells a loose chronological history of Coke through an annotated, museum-like display of advertising memorabilia, punctuated by video presentations, live demonstrations, and interactive technology. There is a chance to sample the beverage, and ample opportunity to buy souvenirs at the end. The original World of Coca-Cola Atlanta welcomed around nine million visitors during its 16 year history becoming Atlanta’s most visited indoor attraction.

New World of Coca-Cola

The exhibit was relocated and updated as the Coca-Cola Company wanted a bigger, more modern facility, at which they could display more of the vast amount of memorabilia at their disposal. The new World of Coca-Cola was opened to the public on May 24, 2007, relocating from and replacing the original exhibit.

Coca Cola Museum

World of Coca- Cola , Atlanta

Atlanta’s most famous invention is also the world’s most popular soft drink and nowhere is this more clear than at World of Coca-Cola. The new 20-acre complex includes a 4D cinematic experience, and the largest collection of Coke memorabilia ever assembled, including a pop-culture gallery. The museum draws many visitors, and features an exhaustive look at the history, manufacture and distribution of Coca-Cola. Perhaps the most popular phase of the tour is the final stop, where guests are invited to sample vast and various recipes of Coke as it is marketed throughout the world.

Visitor info

The World of Coca-Cola welcomes aproximatelly 1 million guests each year. Its design allows it to be easily updated as trends and advertising campaigns change, this is a feature that the old museum didn’t had .

coca cola sortiments

Coca Cola Sortiments

Atlanta’s new World of Coca-Cola is a must-see when visiting the town because it represents a part of its history. From a thrilling, multi-sensory 4-D theater to a gallery dedicated to Coke and pop culture, around every corner visitors can experience all sorts of feelings . Here is also the 7-foot Coca-Cola polar bear. Visitors can also taste an amazing 70 different beverage products .

Before visitors exit the World of Coca-Cola, there’s one more room to get through: the “Coca-Cola Trademart,” 4500 square feet of “the largest selection of Coca-Cola merchandise available anywhere.” Visitors can buy a vast range of souvenir items, from Coca-Cola clothing to reproductions of Coca-Cola serving trays , Coca-Cola Cans and many other items .

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