standard Top 5 Islands That You Can Actually Buy

Even though the cruel pirates no longer cross the seas in search for hidden treasures, life on an isolated island is still an adventure we all crave for. The secret maps, leading to chests full of gold, but most of all a life without worries away from inquisitive looks, made the millionaires of the planet buy lands surrounded by water. Those wanting an island for their own must hurry, as the prices rise every year, and the offers are fewer…

5. Caye Chapel Island, Belize

  • Price: $75 Million
  • Area: 1 sq km
Caye Chapel Island, Belize

Caye Chapel Island, Belize

Unique, original, and exclusive, Caye Chapel Island bears, can boast about having the tile of the “most well kept secret” in Caribbean. Its landscapes are admired by the celebrities that want to spent lots of time away from the paparazzi’s flashes. The island already features a golf course, a harbor for yachts up to 43 meters long and some luxurious villas. But the Northern side of Caye Chapel is a “withe canvas” waiting to be painted by the one that has $75 million to spend.

4. Macapule Island, Mexico

Macapule Island, Mexico

Macapule Island, Mexico

  • Price: $95.3 Million
  • Area: 21 sq km
The exuberant vegetation, the over 100 species of exotic birds and the dolphins swimming near the shore make Macapule Island a close relative of Heaven. 23 km long, the island might host, not only one golf course and luxurious hotels, but also a small amusement park. The tourists passionate of snorkeling and scuba diving will be delighted to swim in the crystal clear waters surrounding this piece of soil.

3. Ronde Island, Caribbean Sea

  • Price: $100 Million
  • Area: 8 sq km
Ronde Island, Caribbean Sea

Ronde Island, Caribbean Sea

Isolated and wild, Ronde stands out by its valleys and hills, its landscapes, but also by its wide bays, where large yachts can be “parked.” But the ace in the sleeve of this island are the underwater caves, some of them decorated with quartz crystals. The pollution is almost inexistent on Ronde. The watter is so clear, that you can see the turtles and the fishes swimming. The experts have evaluated the touristic potential of this island at over $1 Billion.

2. Rang Yai Island, Thailand

  • Price: $160 Million
  • Area: 0.5 sq km
Rang Yai Island, Thailand

Rang Yai Island, Thailand

The tropical forest and the beaches are the main strengths of the Rang Yai Island, which, at least at first sight, seems to be the perfect chose for those wanting to invest in eco-tourism. The formula of success can be borrowed from its sisters Phuket and Coconut, located nearby, loved by tourists all over the world. Although is only half square kilometer, Rang Yai is the biggest island for sale in the area. Is 20 km away from the Phuket International Airport and has drinking water, power generator and GSM coverage.

1. Mouchao da Povoa Island, Portugal

  • Price: $322 Million
  • Area: 12 sq km
Mouchao da Povoa Island, Portugal

Mouchao da Povoa Island, Portugal

The billionaire that will spend this kind of money and buy Mouchao da Povoa Island, one of the most expensive island up for sale, will attract everyone’s envious looks. The island is long enough to host a small harbor and some luxurious hotels, with pool and spa. The generous are and most of all the small distance to Lisbon, justifies, more or less, the number of figures of the price. Rumor has it that Mouchao da Povoa Island will become a destination of golf lovers. Negogierile are however at an early stage. The fact is that both the investor and the Government of Portugal hopes that over a few years, the island will become popular among “generous” tourists  of Europe and US.

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