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Times Square New York City

Times Square - New York City

Times Square is a commercial intersection in Manhattan , New York , at the junction of Broadway and Seventh Avenue . It’s name origins from the Times Building , former offices The New York Times . Formerly known as Longacre Square, Times Square has couple of nicknames such as “The Crossroads of the World” and “The Great White Way,” and is the site of the annual ball drop on New Year’s Eve. Over the time  , Times Square has achieved the status of an iconic world landmark and is a symbol of New York City .

Times Square New York

Times Square New York Times Square-New York

Its animated,digital advertisements help create an incredibly exciting vibe contributing to Times Square popularity to both tourists, locals and the Manhattan business community. Times Square is also home or adjacent to many of the Broadway theatres that feature some of the most popular award winning productions ever produced.

In Times Square it is requiring for building owners to display illuminated signs that’s why the illuminated signs in Times Square now rivals the well known city of Las Vegas.

On May 1, 2010, Times Square was evacuated from 43rd to 46th Street following the discovery of a car bomb . A Nissan Pathfinder with smoke coming out from it was parked at 45th and Seventh Avenue. Bomb squads  shown, a small explosion went off. Further that day was found to have explosive materials including three propane tanks, consumer grade fireworks, and containers full of gasoline, burnt wires, two clocks with batteries, and other materials. Fortunately no one was killed or injured in the incident. The bomb failed  .

Times Square on New Year’s Eve

Times Square is the site of the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop. On December 31, 1907, a ball signifying New Year’s Day was first dropped at Times Square, and the Square has held the main New Year’s celebration ever since. On that night, hundreds of thousands of people congregate to watch the Waterford Crystal ball being lowered on a pole atop the building (though not to the street, as is a common misconception), marking the new year.

During World War II, a minute of silence, followed by a recording of church bells pealing, replaced the ball drop because of wartime blackout restrictions. Today, Countdown Entertainment and One Times Square handle the New Year’s Eve event in conjunction with the Times Square Alliance.

The biggest attendance was recorded on December 31, 1999  when approximately 2 million people crowded into Times Square for the celebration of the new Millennium and making it the largest gathering in New York City since

Times Square New York

Times Square - New Year's Eve

Tourists in Times Square

Nowadays on New Year’s Eve each year, well over one million people gather into Times Square to view the annual “New Year’s Eve ball drop”. The Waterford crystal ball is lowered on a pole atop the building marking the New Year with millions of people on hand and across the world watching on TV and simultaneously counting down from 10 .. 9 Happy New Year !

There are many hotels in Times Square to choose from and the area is a hot spat of Hew York featuring music, nightlife and many quality shops that cater mainly to tourists. At peak hours of the day, Times Square is often so congested that people are forced to walk in the streets to save time and not wait in traffic .

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