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There are three man-made islands being constructed just off the shore of Dubai , United Arab Emirates called Palm Islands .  Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira are being constructed by Nakheel Properties who hired world’s  best  specialists in land reclamation.

palm_deira Palm Islands , Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Palm Deira - Dubai , United Arab Emirates

Each Palm Island will be in the shape of a palm tree  and will have a large number of residential, leisure and entertainment centers.

Currently, the estimated goal of the islands is to increase the coverage of the United Arab Emirates shoreline by 72 miles. The entire area of the Palms are going to de dedicated to luxurious residential areas, with condomunium units, houses, and hotels.


The creation of the Palm Jumeirah began in June 2001. Shortly after, the Palm Jebel Ali was announced and reclamation work began. The Palm Deira, which is planned to have a surface area of 46.35 square kilometers, was announced for development in October 2004. Construction was originally planned to take 10–15 years, but that was before the impact of the global credit crunch hit Dubai.

Palm Island , Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Palm Islands - Dubai , United Arab Emirates

The Palm Islands are artificial peninsulas constructed of sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. The sand is sprayed by the dredging ships, which are guided by DGPS, onto the required area in a process known as rainbowing because of the arcs in the air when the sand is sprayed. The outer edge of each Palm’s encircling crescent is a large rock breakwater. The breakwater of the Palm Jumeirah has over seven million tons of rock.

The construction value of each Dubai Palm Island development is £250m and will feature extensive retail, residential, business and leisure facilities.

The firs 2 resort islamds , Jumeirah and Jebel Ali  are estimated upon completion to hold more than 60 luxury hotels for tourists, as well as having 4000 residential villas, 1000 water homes, and 5000 shoreline apartments, all of which are currently up for sale to both local and foreign buyers. There are also plans for marinas, theme parks, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, and sports facilities for the recreation of both tourists and the Palm’s residents.

Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Jumeirah Palm , Dubai

Jumeirah Palm

The Jumeirah Palm is designed primarily as a relaxing retreat for it’s residents. The atmosphere of the place is laid back, and is intended for those people who want to just unwind without much in the way of excitement. There are plenty of spas, health clubs, golf  areas, and boutiques on the island to support this sedentary theme. It is an ideal place for those just wanting to get away from it all, as well as a good place to go for retired senior citizens who want to quietly enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Palm Jebel Ali

 Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Jebel Ali Palm- Dubai , United Arab Emirates

The Palm Jebel Ali, of the other hand, seems to cater to a younger crowd. It’s atmosphere is far more vibrant and exciting, with theme parks, waterways, and even plans for possible indoor surfing areas. The shopping mall designs are more urbanized, as well as dance clubs and music bars. Overall, most tourists will probably flock to this location. Due to this, the Jebel Ali is roughly 50% larger in size than the Jumeirah and will feature a larger number of hotels.

Palm Deira

The Deira is estimated to be the largest of the three islands upon completion and  is a balance between the other two islands in atmosphere, being intended primarily as a residential area .

Dubai  United Arab Emirates

Palm Islands - Dubai , United Arab Emirates

For sale

Sales for the properties on the Dubai Islands are done on a freehold basis, which entitles expatriates and nationals the opportunity to lease, rent, or own their property on the Palms, as well as to lease or resell them at their discretion.

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