Vieques Island, Puerto RicoVieques Island, Puerto Rico

standard Top 5 Unknown Paradises On Terra

The Christian religion is the ultimate reward of an afterlife in heaven, the ultimate expression of beauty, promised only to those who have followed the rules and biblical teachings in life. Beautiful Heaven was described with its landscapes gardens and […]

Kilauea Volcano lavaKilauea Volcano flowing lava

standard Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, US – World’s Most Active Volcano

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, is the youngest volcano on the Big Island, and is located in the South-western area of the island. The “pipes” transporting the lava to the surface are up to 60 km long. The almost constant eruptions of […]

Rainbow in Hawaii, US

standard Hawaii Island – Paradise Of Surfing

Starting 1950, since Elvis Presley made them famous, the Hawaii Islands are attracting Hollywood stars and wealthy tourists like a magnet. The hot lava lakes, 600 m parachute jumping and the beaches perfect for surfing are the ingredients of an […]