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SeaWorld San Diego located in San Diego, California is an animal theme park, oceanarium, and marine mammal park  owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment.

Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego

Short History

SeaWorld San Diego

Journey to Atlantis- SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld was founded in 1964 by four graduates of UCLA . The first idea was to build an underwater restaurant but that was to hard to realize so they had another one . With an investment of only $1.5 million, 45 employees, several dolphins, sea lions, and two seawater aquariums, SeaWorld was visited by more than 400,000 people in the first year.

Visitor Attractions

The most important visitor attractions at SeaWorld San Diego are :

  • Bayside Skyride is the only Vonroll skyride that goes over a body of salt water. This ride provides a great view of the backstage of Cirque de la Mer.
  • Journey to Atlantis is a joint flume and rollercoaster.
  • Lights, Camera, Imagination 4-D  is a four-dimensional film experience for kids themed around Sesame Street, featuring Elmo and his friends. Some effects include water-jets, rain, blasts of air, vibration, lights, and “rats”.
  • Rocky Point Preserve . The popular bottlenose dolphins are on exhibit here in a pool visitors can also interact with the dolphins by purchasing fish to feed the animals.
  • The Sea World Sky Tower is a 320-foot (98 m) observation tower that was built in 1969 and improved in 2002 with a new capsule. The ride gives passengers a six-minute view of SeaWorld and San Diego. It rises at a rate of 150 ft. per minute while spinning slowly (1.02rpm).
  • Sesame Street’s Bay of Play is an interactive children’s play area based on the long running Sesame Street children’s television series.
  • Shipwreck Rapids is a raft ride that ventures into the shipwrecks of the deep with twist and turns.
  • Wild Arctic is a simulator ride through the Arctic set in a giant helicopter. It features both a simulator or the option to go straight to the exhibits of the wild arctic.

Animal exhibits

SeaWorld San Diego Orcas

SeaWorld San Diego Orca

  • Dolphins . There are three species of dolphins at SeaWorld San Diego: Common dolphin hybrid, both Atlantic & Pacific Bottlenose dolphins and Commerson’s dolphins.
  • Orcas are the main attraction at SeaWorld several of which are housed in 7 million gallon habitats that are each known as Shamu Stadium.
  • SeaWorld features Pacific Walruses at wild Arctic.

    Sea World San Diego Penguins

    Sea World San Diego - Penguins

  • Penguin Encounter exhibit features over 300 penguins representing eight different species.
  • SeaWorld San Diego has two species of toothed-whales: Beluga whales and pilot whales
  • Wild Arctic exhibit is home to three polar bears

SeaWorld San Diego , one of the most  popular amusement parks features Shamu, the killer whale, often getting visitors wet to the skin . Other popular attractions include Dolphin Discovery, Penguin Encounter, Wild Arctic, and Haunted Lighthouse, a 4-D adventure with sharks and ghosts. Along with aquariums, tide pools and a lot of  children friendly exhibits, visitors enjoy fireworks, musicals and water rides like Shipwreck Rapids and Journey to Atlantis. This are couple of reasons why you should definitely visit SeaWorld San Diego .

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