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The San Diego Zoo located in Balboa Park, San Diego state of California, is one of the largest and zoos in the world, home for over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. It is also one of the few zoos in the world that houses the giant panda and is also the most successful in terms of panda reproduction in US .

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo - California

The San Diego Zoo is privately operated by the nonprofit Zoological Society of San Diego and has 107 acres (0.43 km2) of parkland leased from the City of San Diego.


San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo Tiger

The zoo is extremely active in conservation and puts incredible effort  in  species preservation . Its Institute for Conservation Research  raises California Condors, Pandas, Tigers, African Black Rhinos and a large number of other endangered species. Many species are bred in captivity for release into their native habitats when the time is right.

The San Diego Zoo covers 100 acres and brings 4,000 animals representing 800 species from around the world to one place. Whether you like big cats, tree climbers, or slimy serpents, the San Diego Zoo has it all. The Zoo brings some of the most beautiful and rare creatures on our planet together and provides a great opportunity to visit endangered wildlife while providing a chance to learn ways to protect these special animals.


The San Diego Zoo exhibits include Monkey Trails and Forest Tales, Rain Forest Aviary, Tiger River, Absolutely Apes, Reptile Mesa and many others . Visitors can see the habitats and ecosystems of deserts, islands, savannas, tropical rain forests or tundras .  Here are the most important exhibits :

  • ‘ Monkey Trails and Forest Tales ‘ has monkeys and other animals from the rainforests of Asia and Africa.
  • ‘Panda Research Station‘ is one of only four facilities in the US to house the critically endangered Giant Panda. The San Diego Zoo is the only US zoo to successfully breed and raise healthy cubs, and is the most successful in terms of panda reproduction.

    San Diego Zoo

    San Diego Zoo Panda

  • ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ reopened in March 2010 after renovations is a unique exhibit housing over 30 species from the Arctic.
  • ‘Ituri Forest’ houses different animal species from the forests of Africa . Animals such as Allen’s Swamp Monkeys, Lesser Spot-nosed Guenons, Spotted-necked Otters, a Red River Hog, and an African Forest Buffalo can be found here.
  • ‘Elephant Odyssey’ is a 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) elephant habitat in what used to be Elephant Mesa (now the Urban Jungle).

Visitor Info

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo - Polar Bear Plunge

San Diego Zoo’s offers a unique experience for children  providing a close encounter with all the animals . Visitors have the unique chance to get up close and personal to some of the planet’s most exotic and and strange creatures. Entrance to the Children’s Zoo is included in admission to the San Diego Zoo .
A one Day Pass includes  35 minute guided bus tour and all day access to San Diego Zoo’s Express Bus. The zoo offers a guided tour bus that traverses 75% of the park. There is an overhead gondola lift called the Skyfari, providing breathtaking views of the San Diego Zoo and nearby Balboa Park..

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