standard San Diego, California – Facts And Attractions

Sun, surf and beautiful scenery are the qualities that most visitors appreciate them in San Diego. Located in the southernmost corner of the California coast, the city is blessed with sunshine all year and in almost all temperate winter months. Many travelers come here just to experience the paradise of southern California.

Surrounded by long sandy peninsulas (islands called by locals), San Diego is the ideal holiday. Beautiful beaches and cliffs overlooking the district luxury “jewel” of San Diego-La Jolla.

California,San Diego - La Jolla beach

California,San Diego - La Jolla beach

World Marina, located on the shores of Mission Bay is the second “jewel” of the city. This is the closest connection with the ocean and in many ways, represents the identity of the city. As a center of marine wildlife conservation and public education source, the default name is linked to San Diego.

City links with the sea are evident in this crowd of people sunbathe in bikinis and barefoot, which fills the city, especially north of Mission Bay, where small shops, cafes and restaurants on the beach is the heart and soul of Southern California lifestyle.

California,San Diego - Sea World

California, San Diego - Sea World

Communities and historical Gaslamp Quarter (San Diego first commercial district) and Little Italy, which once supported millions of tuna industry, they’re visual and performing arts centers. Once a year, artists open their studios and central sectors of the public galleries to celebrate the artistic heritage of the area.

And music is an integral part of the artistic heritage of San Diego, it occupies a central place in the historic Gaslamp Quarter during the festival. Very important for the city is the work of jazz and blues musician Jim Croce. Host of the ten cultural organizations, cooperative societies of writers and artists, San Diego is one of the most important art centers in Southern California.

San Diego has been an important trading port, but now he is moving towards tourism and energy resources, with much success. Annually, more than 26 million visitors from around the world come to San Diego. Reputedly the top destination in North America due to both history and a pluri-culturalism, and arts and magnificent location.

California,San Diego -  Skyline

California, San Diego - Skyline

Considered to be the birthplace of California, San Diego started with a little-known eighteenth-century Spanish missionary priest Junipero Serra. In 1769 Serra founded the first of several Catholic missions on a green knoll, above what later became San Diego. Until the early nineteenth century Serra founded the mission up and down the coast of the “Alta” and “Baja” California (Upper and Lower California) – now the U.S. and Mexican coasts.

Presidio (Fort), as California’s first mission is called, remains as testimony to the Spanish origins of San Diego. Tall painted walls, tiled roofs and gardens of the fort arranged buildings reflect the architecture and atmosphere of southern California today.

California,San Diego - Presidio Park

San Diego, California - Presidio Park

Spanish influence remained strong until today, especially since San Diego is a half-hour from the US border with Mexico. Evidence of these connections are everywhere, but especially in the festivals that go beyond borders, such as Cinco de Mayo, San Diego International Film Festival and Latin Film Festival.

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