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The Please Touch Museum also called Children’s Museum , located in Philadelphia, is a museum that focuses on teaching small children through interactive exhibits and special events. Please Touch Museum has grown into one of the nation’s premier children’s museums by becoming experts in play. The mission of the museum is to enrich the lives of children by creating learning opportunities through play.

Please Touch Museum Memorial Hall

Please Touch Museum at Memorial Hall , Philadelphia


Please Touch Museum Children’s Museum

Please Touch Museum , Philadelphia

The museum originally opened at the Academy of Natural Sciences on October 2, 1976, in a 2,200-square-foot (200 m2) space, and moved to another location on nearby Cherry Street two years later. In 1983, the museum moved to 21st Street near the Franklin Institute.In 1996, the Please Touch Museum began presenting its own GFTK award, for its 20th birthday, which honors individuals and organizations making outstanding contributions to enriching the lives of children.

Moving to the historic Memorial Hall in 2008 Please Touch Museum aims to bring together the past, present and future through six interactive exhibit zones across 157,000 square feet, including four areas specifically designed for children 3 and younger.

Please Touch Museum Attractions

The Please Touch Museum is the home to over 12,000 items, mostly toys that were manufactured after 1945. The museum provides children with a variety of exhibits, including:

  • Alice in Wonderland where kids can play croquet with the Queen and sip tea with the Mad Hatter.
  • City Capers
  • Space Station, which features a series of display cases with over three decades of Star Wars toys.
  • Please Taste Cafe.
  • Roadside Attractions
  • The Walking Piano made famous in Big movie.
  • Lit Brothers’ Enchanted Colonial Christmas Village during the Christmas season.
  • A retrospective of the Centennial Exposition .
  • A copy of the arm and torch from the Statue of Liberty
  • The Woodside Park carousel


Please Touch Museum

Walking Piano - Please Touch Museum

  • Playhouse Theater which stimulates imagination, innovation and audience interaction featuring music, movement, folklore and/or puppetry .
  • Program Room  which is a perfect place for children-parent interaction through painting , building a tower with block and many other art experiences
  • Story Castle where children can learn stories , meet a storybook character, or read a book on their own.

Visitor info

Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum Party

The Please Touch Museum is fun-filled, totally hands-on museum, featuring full schedule of craft activities music, dance and storytelling performances, which are entertaining for both kids and adults.
The museum takes an estimated 2 to 3 hours to cover, and is focused towards children age 7 and younger but is nothing like a classic museum . Exhibitions are 100% hands-on and everything is made to be jumped upon, entered in, bent, splashed, ridden, and otherwise played with.

Please Touch Museum tends to be busier on rainy days and mornings too due to the fact that most school groups are visiting during this time. Afternoons are a great time to visit the museum as well as Mondays when groups are not scheduled.

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