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Phantasialand is one of Europe’s most popular amusement parks situated in Bruhl , Germany , between Koln and Bonn . The park was opened in 1976 by Gottlieb Löffelhardt and is visited by more than 2 million tourists annualsly .It ha six theme areas and each one has top attractions for all the family members .

Black Mamba Roller Coaster , Phantasialand,  Koln

Black Mamba Roller Coaster

Main Attractions

Phantasialand main attractions are located  in very different areas of the park , so you have to keep moving through the park to see all of them .

The features are :

  • Black Mamba – a roller coaster situated in the African area . Be careful , it’s very fast and may be a liitle scary for the kids .
  • Mistery Castle – it’s a drop tower where I personaly had a very bad experience because of not knowing what it is . But it was very fun speaking of it after I got out ..
  • Colorado Adventure – is also a roller coaster situated in Wild West area . Silbermine and Stonewash & Wildwash Creek are also there .
  • Winja’s Fear and Winja’s Force – two indoor spinning coasters in the Fantasy area . Race for Atlantis , Hollywood Tour , Temple of the Night Hawk and Wuze Town are also here .
  • Talocan – a Suspended Top Spin  in Mexico area
  • Brandenburg Gate, Dampfkarussell, Neptunbrunnen, Wintergarten, Schauspielhaus with Pirates 4D – are all situated in a  20s city of Berlin area .

Phantasialand train

Phantasialand train

Mistery Castle , Phantasialand , Koln

Mistery Castle

There are also peaceful places in the park where you can relax and wach some fantastic shows (Arachnomé Winter Garden Show is my favourite)or enjoy culinary treats . Ling Bao Chinese themed four star hotel was opened in the park in 2004 and has some great chinese restaurants . Phantasialand is a great place to spend some days from the winter holidays too – you’ll be surpised by the shining trees , sparkling lights and the air’s gingerbreads smell .

Photo from Phantasialand

Photo from Phantasialand

Phatasialand is one of Germany best amusement parks and there is no way that you won’t have a great time visiting it .

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