standard New York City, NY – The City That Never Sleeps

New York is a city of superlatives. Besides being a world financial center, the island of Manhattan is full of world-renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and venerable art institutions that make New York the largest city in the world culturally.

The phrase “If you make it there, you’ll make it anywhere” attracts visitors from around the world who come here in search of the American dream.

New York City, Central Park

New York City, Central Park

New York has always been a city of the world and its inhabitants of multi-cultural and multi-national (who speak 80 different languages​​), a city full of energy that you can see in countless movies and television programs.

With over 20,000 eclectic restaurants, 150 world-renowned museums and more than 10,000 stores in New York really has something for everyone.

New York City, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline

New York City, Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Skyline

Apart from the non-stop urban turmoil, New York boasts the green oasis of Central Park and Hudson River Park. From here you can go to the elegant towns and beaches on Long Island.
The epicenter of New York life was and remains the island of Manhattan, surrounded by four London boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island), each with its own characteristics and attractions.

New York City location, at the confluence of the Hudson River, Long Island and the Atlantic Ocean reflects the city’s importance as a port and disembarkation point for millions of immigrants in the U.S.

The first European settlement on Manhattan was founded by the Dutch in 1620. They named the city was the New Amsterdam. In 1664 the British took over and renamed it New York. The settlement rapidly flourished, expanding from south to north along the island.

New York City,  Bronx Botanical Garden

New York City, Bronx Botanical Garden

Mass immigration in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries led to the birth of a distinct ethnic perimeters, the island of Manhattan rapidly Becoming a love of mixed cultures of all the cultural world. Contributed to the status of diversity of multi-cultural capital.

Today, New York, focuses on more recent history – the events of 11 September 2001. The ramifications and aftershocks of the terrorist destruction of the tallest buildings in the city (a symbol of confidence and success) still permeate many aspects of life.

Determination to overcome the worst terrorist attack is felt throughout the city, the towers of World Trade Center memorial plans, completion of the huge Time Warner Center and the revitalization of nearby neighborhoods.

New York City, Empire State Building

New York City, Empire State Building

This event has done little to dent the appeal and vitality of the city. In fact, it seems that the world is more attracted to New York, visitors come not only for the shops, theaters and museums, but because new, more altruistic.

Visiting New York is timely regardless of the year, although it is more pleasant spring and autumn, when temperatures hover around 21 º C.

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