standard Miami, FL – The American Casablanca

Today Miami is a city full of emotion, color and texture. It is hot, sexy and stimulates all the senses, evidence of Latin culture moving forward. Miami is a thriving metropolis, called “America’s Casablanca, ” “Magic City” and most recently, “Millennium America. “

These names surprise the looks of Miami, Florida that makes it different from other American cities – its identity as a multicultural city. It is a gateway to Central and South America and the third most popular city for tourists (after Los Angeles and New York). In fact, Miami, Florida, is likely to be more a Latino-American city than an American one.

Despite the fame of being a with sunny weather, spicy nightlife and luxurious restaurants, the beginnings of Miami are surprisingly humble. Located on the far southern coast of Florida, between the mangrove swamp and the reef barrier, Miami was founded about 100 years ago, when Henry Flagel has expanded a railroad to bring fruits from the south. During Prohibition, Al Capone came here when he was chased by police in Chicago.

Miami, Florida Skyline

Miami, Florida Skyline

After the World War II the mafia moved here, then, when Fidel Castro took the power, waves of Cubans fled to Miami, followed by another mass immigration in the 1980s. The cultural climate the Cubans created in Miami inspired residents of other Latin American countries (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Haiti) to seek refuge from poverty or oppressive governments and emigrate. Now, in Miami, the Spanish is spoken as much as the English.

However, the Miami, Florida is one of the most modern cities in US – the second largest in Florida, after Jacksonville, but the most exciting, exotic and cosmopolitan. Miami Beach or Greater Miami, contains a number of islands and mainland communities, including two cities – Miami and Miami Beach.

South Beach Miami, FL

South Beach Miami, FL

Much of the charm of the area is due to various districts, which extend from the skyscrapers – downtown – to the modern South Beach neighborhood in Miami Beach. South Beach is probably the most famous area, with art deco buildings in candy colors, pastel sand beaches and palm trees.

Greater Miami is also a commercial, financial, cultural, sports, entertainment, transport and tourism center, which is also the main source of income for the city.

Port of Miami is the largest marina in the world, more than 3.6 million passengers going through it each year. Besides its importance for cruises, Miami Beach is famous worldwide for the hotels along the “Gold Coast”. Locals give you the impression that nothing is more important than the morning run on the beach or do shopping in the afternoon, then dinner and dancing until dawn.

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