standard Maupiti Island – The Perfect Place For Relaxing

Maupiti is a coral reef in the middle of which there is a volcanic island. It is the highest volcanic island in the west and is located to 40 kilometers from Bora Bora. Maupiti Island has a peak of 380 meters and an area of 11 square kilometers. Laguna has small and flat coral islands in the north side and two high barriers on both sides of the passage from the south end.

Like Bora Bora, the high island easily enter in a stage where everything turns into a large reef. Since travel saved, this is not the place where you find luxury resorts, but only a traditional family accommodation. You will not find restaurants disco or bars, but you will find an oasis of relaxation, calm and peace, as it was several decades ago in the Polynesian islands.

Maupiti Water

Maupiti Water

Once off the plane on this land of dreams, the tourist enjoy of the architectural richness of the vegetation along the island, from the Auira areas, Paeao and Tiapaa. After 3 hours of climbed to the top of the Teurafaatui mountain, he can enjoy by a unforgettable panorama that reveal the lagoon and the Bora Bora island, and when it is very clear, you can see also Raiatea and Tahaa.

The Polynesian lifestyle is to make the island tour in two hours of walking. Everything runs in slow rhythm and in accordance with the quiet beauty of the place.The Tereia beach is called “The Lovers Beach” and it is located opposite of the Vaiea village.

Maupiti Island also has great places for diving, one of them being situated between Tiapaa and Pitiahe. The Island was discovered by Roggeveen in 1722, long before Tahiti Island, but was forgotten for years by Europeans. Maupiti was independent until the union with Bora Bora in the early of 19th century.

Maupiti Island

Maupiti Island

The protestantism was introduced slowly. In 1997 the island was devastated by the Osea cyclone. Today, the Maupiti Island is famous for the watermelons and copra production. It is accessible by plane from Papeete, with three weekly flights via Bora Bora or Raiatea.

Maupiti Express Ship, which connects Bora Bora by Maupiti is also at your disposal twice a week. Do not forget to have enough cash to you before you leave in Maupiti, because here the bank is open only when the bankers come there.

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