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Legoland California is a theme park focused on Lego bricks and the first Legoland outside Europe.


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Legoland California

Legoland California Entrance

The park is split into nine major sections which are: The Beginning, Dino Island, Duplo, Village Green, Fun Town, Castle Hill, Miniland USA, Pirate Shores, Imagination Zone, and Land of Adventure. The theme park features a water park and is the only Legoland to feature a water park. The water park was  opened in 2010.

Short History

The park opened on March 20, 1999 and was the third one of its kind . The Legoland parks were sold in 2005. The new controlling company is  Merlin Entertainments, On Aug. 11, 2008, the Sea Life aquarium opened on the grounds of Legoland California, the first in North America.

Legoland  Attractions

  • The Beginning is the main entrance plaza to the Park.
  • In Dino Island a mini steel roller coaster called the “Coastersaurus” curves and dips around giant models of Lego dinosaurs. Visitors can dig for imitation dinosaur bones in the “Dig Those Dinos” attraction.
  • Duplo Village includes the “Water Works” attraction, which has dozens of interactive water activities and is directly beside “Musical Fountain” where visitors hop up and down to make music play and water blow. A water ride called “Fairy Tale Brook” lets visitors ride a boat down a river lined with Lego models based on fairy tales. Visitors can venture into the wilds of Africa and see life-sized giraffes, zebras, lions, and more all made of LEGO bricks


    Miniland USA

  • Fun Town features two “driving schools” where children can learn to drive electric Lego cars on a closed course. If you are looking for fun, you’ve come to the right town!
  • Castle Hill is a medieval castle  area. Its main attraction is the “Dragon”, a roller coaster that slowly tours the castle.
  • Miniland USA includes miniature of seven areas of the United States, altogether built with over 40 million LEGO bricks in 1:20 scale . Miniland USA is the heart of Legoland California , a dedication to the ultimate expression of the LEGO art form
  • In the Imagination Zone, visitors can ride a Wild Mouse roller coaster called the “Technic Coaster-Test Track”, choose from three different “4-D” movies called “Bob the Builder”, “Spellbreaker”, and “Clutch Powers”.

    Miniland USA

    Miniland USA Legoland California

  • Pirate Shores includes water attractions with captivating high-seas adventures that will thrill buccaneers of all ages.
  • The Land of Adventure was opened in May 2008 and  designed to replicate the 1920s in Egypt. “Pharaoh’s Revenge” involves guests firing foam balls at targets and at each other. Land of Adventure’s five attractions are sure to bring out the explorer in every member of the family.
  • Legoland Water Park opened on May 28, 2010 located next to the buildings in Fun Town is the first waterpark in all Legoland parks.

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