standard Independence Hall , birthplace of the United States

Independence Hall represents the birthplace of the United States. It was within its walls that the US Declaration of Independence was adopted. It was here that the US Constitution was debated, drafted and signed.

Independence Hall Philadephia

Independence Hall - Philadephia

Independence Hall , located in the centerpiece of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia , Pennsylvania was first called Pennsylvania  State  House .

History & construction

Independence Hall is a red brick building, built between 1732 and 1753, designed in the Georgian style by Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton, and built by Woolley. Its highest point is 135 feet (41 m) above the ground. Its construction was commissioned by the Pennsylvania colonial legislature, which paid for construction as funds were available . It was initially inhabited by the colonial government of Pennsylvania as its State House, from 1732 to 1799. Two smaller buildings adjoin Independence Hall: Old City Hall to the east, and Congress Hall to the west.

Independence Hall

Independence Hall - Philadephia

The Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776 in this fine 18th century building in Philadelphia, to be followed in 1787 by the Constitution of the United States of America. The building is now part of Independence National Historic Park and is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Independence Hall is pictured on the back of the U.S. $100 bill, as well as the bicentennial Kennedy half dollar. The Assembly Room is pictured on the reverse of the U.S. two dollar bill, from the original painting by John Trumbull entitled Declaration of Independence.

Liberty Bell

The bell tower steeple of Independence Hall was the original home of the Liberty Bell and today it holds a “Centennial Bell” that was created for the United States Centennial Exposition in 1876. The original Liberty Bell, with its distinctive crack, is now on display across the street in the Liberty Bell Center.

Independence Hall Tower Restoration Project

Independence Hall

Independence Hall - Philadelphia

Starting July 12, 2010 the Tower of Independence Hall is undergoing a 14-month rehabilitation project. The project is helping preserve Independence Hall for many more generations to come and will allow the National Park Service to improve visitor enjoyment for the millions of visitors to Independence National Historical Park each year.

Visiting Independence Hall

Independence Hall is open 365 days a year. Hours vary by season.Tickets are required for admission. The tickets are free of charge at the Independence Visitor Center . During the busy season we advice visitors to arrive early beacuse tickets are often gone by 1 p.m. Visitors can also consider purchasing tickets ($1.50 each) in advance, either by phone or online.

100 $ bill  - Independence Hall

Independence Hall picture on 100 $ bill

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