standard Huahine – The Lovely And Feminine Island

Huahine is an island that can be found in French Polynesia, a territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is certainly the most savage island in the Society Islands chain, due to its lush vegetation, and also due the past shrouded in legends and myths.

At a distance of 30 minutes from Tahiti (by plane), is the nearest main island of the entire archipelago. Huahine name comes from “hua” that means sex / gender and “hine”, which means woman. It also says that the name might refer to a pregnant woman. Moreover, some people believe that the Tavaiura mountain resembles a woman lying on her back with a bulging belly up.

Huahine Houses

Huahine Houses

In the past, the island was called Matairea, which means “happy breeze. Then, Captain Cook gave the name of “Hermosa”, meaning “beautiful”. This island is lovely and feminine, attributes that its residents are proud.

Huahine is composed by two islands: Huahine Nui (the big Huahine) in the northern side and Huahine Iti (the little Huahine) in the south side and are separated by a narrow channel. Both have lush vegetation, sandy beaches, hidden caves, coral islet and a lagoon with turquoise waters. It is a place where the peace and the calm dominates. Moreover, the locals are friendly and hospitable.

Huahine Vegetation

Huahine Vegetatio

Also, in Huahine you will found the most extensive and well preserved archaeological site in the Society Islands. The island offers many attractions for tourists, they can visit authentic fishermen’s villages, exotic gardens and museums.

Also, one of the famous attractions on Huahine is a bridge that crosses over a stream with 3- to 6-foot long eels. These eels are deemed sacred by the locals, by local mythology.

Huahine Water

Huahine Water

The lagoon is also a favorite place for surfers and for those who like the diving. Every year in October takes place the Hawaiki Nui Va’a race, the largest canoe race in the South Pacific that starts from Huahine.

If you want make your vacation in quiet, this is the perfect location.

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