standard Hoover Dam, Clark County, NV / Mohave County, AZ

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is located on road 93, 16 kilometers away from Boulder, Nevada, 50 km South-East of Las Vegas. Having as start point the tourists reception center, the visitors start the tour of the Hoover Dam, but Las Vegas is a starting point for tour of Hoover Dam, too.

Hoover Dam was built on the great river of Colorado, a river having a length of not less than 2,333 km, his course passing through one fifteenth of the United States territory.

Starting from its springs in Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River flows towards South-West passing through Colorado and Utah and through the Grand Canyon, before entering Mexico and then finally ending in the sea in Gulf of California.

Hoover Dam Panoramic View

Hoover Dam Panoramic View

In order to control its flow and to develop the irrigation system, and generating electricity in the same time, the US Government decided to build a huge dam on the Arizona – Nevada states border.

The American Congress supplies the money in 1928 and the building process begins in 1931. The dam gets its name after Herbert Hoover, US president at that time, the one seriously involved in this project. The Hoover dam is finished in 1936, but president Roosvelt decided to change its name into Boulder Dam, name kept until 1947, when the Congress decided to use its initial name.

Sailing on Lake Mead

Sailing on Lake Mead

The Hoover dam is 201 meters thick at the bottom and has a hight of not less than 221 meters, just as tall as a 70 stores sky-scraper. The upper side has a length of 379 meters and is 14 meters wide.

Towards the North the dam forms the Mead lake, one of the biggest artificial lakes in the world. Lake Mead has a length of 185 km with a coast line of 900 km. Almost 4,000 of the labor for the Hoover Dame were locals, living in Boulder.

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