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The Field Museum, located in Chicago, next to Lake Michigan is considered one of the finest natural history museums in the U.S. The museum collections contain over 21 million specimens, of which only a small portion are ever on display.

Field Museum

Field Museum ,Chicago

About Field Museum

Field Museum

Tyrannosaurus Rex (Sue) -Field Museum

Field Museum was originally founded to house the biological and anthropological collections assembled for the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 , that collection remaining the core of the Field’s permanent collection.  In more a century since it was founded , the museum has grown into a home for more than 20 million specimens and a 25,000 volume natural history library. Field Museum purpose is  the “accumulation and dissemination of knowledge, and the preservation and exhibition of artifacts illustrating art, archaeology, science and history.”

Some of the best Field Museum exhibits are:

  • Sue, described as the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus Rex,. Kids will certainly want to visit the 12 feet high and 42 feet long (3.6 x 12.8 meter) fossil named after its founder , Sue Hendrickson.
  • A comprehensive set of human cultural anthropology exhibits, including artifacts from ancient Egypt, the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific Islands, and Tibet.
  • A large and diverse taxidermy collection, featuring many large animals, including two prized African elephants and the infamous Lions of Tsavo, featured in the 1996 movie The Ghost and the Darkness.
  • A large collection of dinosaurs in the Evolving Planet exhibit
  • A large collection of Native American artifacts. The main exhibit with these artifacts reopened as Ancient Americas in March 2007.

The Field Museum features a number of both permanent and temporary exhibits that will appeal to museum visitors of all ages. Temporary exhibits are also very interesting and captivating even though they change couple of times a year . Here are some of the most intriguing temporary exhibits including an excellent exhibit about Jackie Kennedy, the wonderful King Tut, and the Auschwitz Album, a photographical tour of the infamous Nazi death camp.

Permanent exhibits

There are many permanent exhibits located at the Field Museum for the public to enjoy. Many animal specimens are on display in exhibits like Nature Walk, Mammals of Asia, Mammals of Africa. Other important exhibits are:

Field Museum

Field Museum Main Hall

  • The Grainger Hall of Gems features a large collection of diamonds and gems from around the world
  • The Underground Adventure gives visitors a bugs-eye look at the world beneath their feet. The scale of the exhibit is 100 times larger than normal size.

    Chicago Field Museum

    Chicago Field Museum

  • Inside Ancient Egypt offers a glimpse into what life was like for ancient Egyptians.
  • Evolving Planet is a  journey through the history and evolution of life on Earth over a span of 4 billion years, from the first organism to present-day life
  • The Ancient Americas takes visitors on a journey through 13,000 years of human ingenuity and achievement in the Western Hemisphere
  • Dioramas , where visitors can see many animals including everything from tigers to hawks.

Visitor info

The Field Museum has a couple of gift shops from where visitors can purchase different products and souvenirs and even beautiful jewelry and hand-crafted artwork. Visitors can explore the three floors of the museum on their own or take a guided tour which departs twice each day and gives you the inside story on some of the museum’s most popular artifacts and exhibits.

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