Kauai, HawaiKauai, Hawai

standard Top 5 Amazing Places On Earth

Far from the crowded cities and from the living between four walls, there are some places that do not appear to be in this world. The words are useless where the nature becomes paradise. If you want to see the […]

Curitiba, BrazilCuritiba, Brazil

standard Top 5 Modern Cities In The World

In many cities of the world, some are or will be soon, really special. If you want to see the top five modern cities in the world, where the technology is highly developed keep reading. I can say that the […]

Saint-Michele CastleSaint-Michele Castle

standard Most Interesting Castles In Europe

If you want to visit majestic castles, full of history, Europe is the best place. I propose you a tour of the most interesting castles in Europe , the ones that wake your respect, but also satisfy your romantic side. […]

Huahine HousesHuahine Houses

standard Huahine – The Lovely And Feminine Island

Huahine is an island that can be found in French Polynesia, a territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is certainly the most savage island in the Society Islands chain, due to its lush vegetation, and also due the […]

Palace of WestminsterPalace of Westminster

standard Top Six Free Tourist Destinations In London

Who cares if the hotels and the restaurants from London are very expensive or that the life in London has a high price, when the free tourist bids are so many in the capital of England. London, the England capital, has […]

Great Barrier ReefGreat Barrier Reef

standard Six Places To Visit Before They Disappear

A real hourglass sits above the heads of many wonderful places in the world: the human pollution, the natural erosion and other reasons are the things that will soon lead to the disappearance of at least six special places on […]

Milan DomeMilan Dome

standard Milan, Italy – Elegance, Beauty And Style

Milan city is called “moral capital of Italy” and is one of the most fascinating cities of the Italian peninsula – a place where the classical architecture is in perfect symbiosis with the modern design, specifically to the economically developed […]

Lamma IslandLamma Island

standard Top 5 Tourist Destinations In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated in China, on the south coast and have seven million inhabitants. This city is one of the most densely populated area in the world. Here 95% people are Chinese and only 5 % are other groups. Also, Hong Kong […]


standard Top Tourist Destinations In Africa Part 2

Africa is the second largest and populated continent in the world, after Asia. Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, by the Indian Ocean to the southeast and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Also, you […]


standard Top Tourist Destinations In Africa Part 1

One of the most exotic holiday destinations, Africa is a huge continent where the adventure enthusiasts will surely find what they search. For a perfect holiday is added here the most beautiful islands in the world. We can choose from […]

Tokyo TowerTokyo Tower

standard Tokyo – A Modern And Cultural Destination Part 2

Tokyo is one of the biggest city in the world with, named Tokyo Metropolis. Also, Tokyo is the capital of Japan and the largest metropolitan area from Japan. Launched in 1457, a feudal castle near to the Edo village, develop, […]

Asakusa Temple TokyoAsakusa Temple Tokyo

standard Tokyo – A Modern And Cultural Destination Part 1

Tokyo is one of the most popular cities in the world, with an approximately 12 million inhabitants, is today the world’s largest financial center, a giant Megalopolis. With the oldest and most recognized university, with approximately 400 national museums and […]

Camp Nou, SpainCamp Nou, Spain

standard Camp Nou Stadium, The Biggest European Stadium

Nou Camp Stadium (field, new ground, in the Catalan dialect) was inaugurated in 1957 and was known at that time under the name “FC Barcelona Stadium”. In 2001 he adopted the current name, meaning he received the popular name since […]