Mesa Verde National ParkMesa Verde National Park

standard Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is a U.S. National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located in Montezuma County, Colorado, United States. Was created in 1906 to protect some of the best preserved cliff dwellings in the world. The park covers an area of 81.4 [...]

North Carolina Aquarium North Carolina Aquarium

standard Top 9 Greatest Aquariums In America

In United States you can find some of the most impressive and stunning aquariums in the world where you can encounter amazing marine creatures and do a lot of stuffs. In this article I made a top of the most [...]

Trump Casino, New JerseyTrump Casino, New Jersey

standard Top 10 Amazing Destinations For Gamblers

By gambling I understand something like buying a ticket to the lottery to spending thousands of dollars at the casino. If you find yourselves compatible with this description, if you’re big enthusiasts of gambling I made for you a top [...]

Running With The Bulls In Spain, PamplonaRunning With The Bulls In Spain, Pamplona

standard Top 10 Amazing Destinations For Unusual Activities

The people looking for thrills not usually seek destinations where they can visit historic buildings and where they can enjoy a nice weather to tan and relax. They look for destinations where they can get up to as many exciting activities [...]


standard Top 5 Cycling Destinations In The World

I know a fun way to explore cities and countries around the world. Cycling. What do you thing? I ensure you this is a healthy and relaxing way to check out local attractions or historic sites. I also know 5 [...]

The Underground City, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaThe Underground City, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

standard Top 5 Underground Destinations In The World

Why are you surprised? I know that the world’s best attractions are above the ground, but there are few underground attractions like the historic sites. Trust me, these are the most amazing underground attractions in the world. Aktun Chen Eco [...]

Algonquin Provincial Park, OntarioAlgonquin Provincial Park, Ontario

standard Top 10 Historical Monuments From Canada Part 2

From the 956 National Sites from Canada I chose 10 of them that I considered the most popular to present them to you. In the first part I introduced to you the first five of them and now I will show [...]

Rideau Canal, Ottawa, OntarioRideau Canal, Ottawa, Ontario

standard Top 10 Historical Monuments From Canada Part 1

Canada it’s the second-biggest country on the globe in size and one of the world’s youngest country. It is a home for the 956 National Historic sites. In the following article I will present you the first five of the [...]

Itacare, BrazilItacare, Brazil

standard Top 5 Amazing Surf Spots In Latin America

Are you a true surfer who would do anything just to ride some waves? If you want to find some undiscovered surf spots I give you a hint: Latin America. A place with amazing waves and tunnels galore, Central and South American beaches are calling surfers like [...]

Melbourne, AustraliaMelbourne, Australia

standard Top 10 Cities You’d Love To Live In Part 2

In the first part I presented you the first five cities where you can live. Now, in the second part I present you the last five amazing cities where you’d love to live. Here are the last five cities in [...]