standard Costa Rica, A “Little” Paradise In Central America

Costa Rica has long become one of the most attractive touristic destinations in Latin America and Caribbean. Over one million tourists visit this country every year because of the many attractions, but also by the natural wonders or isolation from [...]

La Quebrada Cliff DiverLa Quebrada Cliff Diver

standard Acapulco, Mexico – A Tropical Paradise

Acapulco, a tropical paradise, is famous worldwide for its natural beauty. Here is a beautiful bay and the mountains are covered with rich vegetation, but let’s not forget about the golden beaches. Also, Acapulco is one of the most popular [...]

Miami, Florida SkylineMiami, Florida Skyline

standard Miami, FL – The American Casablanca

Today Miami is a city full of emotion, color and texture. It is hot, sexy and stimulates all the senses, evidence of Latin culture moving forward. Miami is a thriving metropolis, called “America’s Casablanca, ” “Magic City” and most recently, [...]


standard 10 Places Where You Can Go If The “End Of The World” Is Coming Part 2

I presented you the first five places where you can go if the the “end of the world” is coming. Now I present you the last five places where you can “hide”. Puncak Jaya On a first visit, Puncak Jaya, [...]

Chiang MaiChiang Mai

standard 10 Places Where You Can Go If The “End Of The World” Is Coming Part 1

Regardless of how you imagine the end of the world, the Earth gives us a lot of places where we can escape from the path of disaster. War, global warming, nuclear bombs, economic collapse, end of renewable resources are just [...]


standard Top 5 Touristic Destinations In South America

From the Inca civilization symbol, Machu Picchu, to the only place in the world that feeds you feel like flying, South America holds many interesting touristic destinations, and I invite you to discover a top five of them. Machu Picchu, [...]

Toronto skyline, CN TowerToronto skyline, CN Tower

standard Toronto, Canada Info and Destinations

Toronto, Canada lies on the north shore of the river Ontario, the lake is unmistakable image of the city: The CN Tower is one of the tallest in the world. Around it is a collection of skyscrapers, which leaves room for residential areas, parks and green spaces. The capital of Ontario, [...]

Boston, Massachusetts skylineBoston, Massachusetts skyline

standard Boston, Massachusetts Facts And Attractions

“The Cradle of Modern America,” is the name of Boston, Massachusetts, and it tells a lot about the importance of this city for the US. The capital of the original colony in Massachusetts Bay was founded in 1630, and it’s the [...]

Kilauea Volcano lavaKilauea Volcano flowing lava

standard Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, US – World’s Most Active Volcano

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii, is the youngest volcano on the Big Island, and is located in the South-western area of the island. The “pipes” transporting the lava to the surface are up to 60 km long. The almost constant eruptions of [...]

Golden Gate BridgeGolden Gate Bridge

standard Top 5 Suspension Bridges In America

One of the biggest achievements of the human are the bridges and also the suspension bridges. These suspension bridges have an impressive structure and they serve both to tourist attractions and also to facilitate the cars. Maybe, some bridges are [...]