standard 10 Best Ski Resorts in Europe

We present to you the top 10 Best Ski Resorts in Europe :

10. Val d’Is’re – France

Val d’Is’re has long been one of the true European ski meccas, although the average skier didn’t hear much about it until local hero Jean-Claude Killy won his Olympic gold in 1968. The town was also home to three other Olympic champions and is one of the best sky resorts in Europe .

Val d'Is're - France

Val d'Is're - France

9. Davos – Switzerland

Davos , one of Europe’s oldest sky resorts was established  as a health resort in 1860 and as a sports center in 1930. Today Davos is a city way up in the mountains on 1560m that is popular all year round. Not your average Alpine ski village, but a bustling place, famous for its fresh mountain air, its consistently excellent snow cover and one of the most extensive ski areas in Switzerland . It has been attracting skiers for generations and recently gained fame as a hot snowboarding destination.

8. St Anton – Austria

St Anton combines some of the most extensive and extreme skiing in the Alps with some of the most extreme après-ski drinking. The resort also boasts great food, service , charm and scenery.

7. Galtur – Austria

Skiing like it used to be is the proper approach to Galtur . When nearby resorts  such as Ischgl and St Anton  are packed, the slopes of Galtur remain a powder-filled oasis of calm . Nature lovers are gonna love this resort .

6. La Grave – France

La Grave is the place to be  for expert skiers . There’s only one lift in La Grave, yet for freeride skiers the world over this is the place to name drop. Unspoilt by pistes or patrols of any sort, this vast and pristine valley offers 2,000 vertical metres of some of the most extreme and beautiful off-piste skiing on the planet. Don’t cry when you see it , just smile and get to ‘work’ !

La Grave Village - France

La Grave Village - France

5. Espace Killy – France

Not actually the biggest ski playground in Europe, but  with a well linked terrain and wonderful scenery. You’ll clock up more skiing time here in a week than anywhere else on the continent, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

4. Cortina d’Ampezzo – Italy

Since hosting the 1956 Winter Olympics, Cortina’s wide, sunny valley in the eastern Dolomites has been one of the world’s top ritzy ski resorts, attracting many tourists  and celebrities.

Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo - Italy

3. Chamonix Mont-Blanc – France

Chamonix ranks among the elite of contenders in Top 10 best Ski Resorts in Europe . Located at the foot of Mont-Blanc, it’s the highest peak in the Alps and the second highest in Europe (top elevation 4,810 m/15,771 ft).

2. Zermatt – Switzerland

It’s probably best known as a platform for skiing and mountaineering, especially on the mountain which towers above the village, the Matterhorn .

Zermatt skier - background of the Matterhorn

Zermatt Skier - background of the Matterhorn

1. Kitzbuhel -Austria

Kitzbühel is a medieval city in Tyrol, Austria, situated along the river Kitzbühler Ache, now best known as a ski resort .  Kitzbuhel is considered the “Pearl of the Alps” and is the most famous holiday resort in the Austrian Tyrol. Today Kitzbühel is the undisputed king of Austrian ski resorts. It’s also the most glamorous and expensive. Kitzbühel also lives up to its reputation as one of the most beautiful Alpine towns in Austria, and one of the hot spots for apres-ski and excellent intermediate skiing. That’s why we decided to to honor Kitzbühel with the No1 spot in our top 10 Best European Ski Resorts.

kitzbuehel- Night View

kitzbuehel- Night View

Our top  10 Best Ski Resorts in Europe is highly relative and probably most of you guys don’t agree with us … that’s why we invite you to tell us what are your believes and personal favorites .

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