• Bicycle Day – not really what you’d expect

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    April 19, 1943 . Dr. Albert Hoffman intentionally  took a small dose of LSD in his lab , and in less than an hour he experienced intense changes in perception . Scared , he cycled all the way home struggling with [...]

  • Top 9 Greatest Aquariums In America

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    In United States you can find some of the most impressive and stunning aquariums in the world where you can encounter amazing marine creatures and do a lot of stuffs. In this article I made a top of the most [...]

  • Top 10 Amazing Destinations For Gamblers

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    By gambling I understand something like buying a ticket to the lottery to spending thousands of dollars at the casino. If you find yourselves compatible with this description, if you’re big enthusiasts of gambling I made for you a top [...]

  • Top 10 Amazing Destinations For Unusual Activities

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    The people looking for thrills not usually seek destinations where they can visit historic buildings and where they can enjoy a nice weather to tan and relax. They look for destinations where they can get up to as many exciting activities [...]

  • Top 10 Historical Monuments From Canada Part 2

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    From the 956 National Sites from Canada I chose 10 of them that I considered the most popular to present them to you. In the first part I introduced to you the first five of them and now I will show [...]

Latest in Los Angeles

Sunset Boulevard Star

standard Sunset Boulevard , Los Angeles

Sunset Boulevard also known as West Sunset Boulevard , located in  Los Angeles, California, is a famous street that stretches from Figueroa Street to the Pacific Coast Highway . The street is an icon of Hollywood celebrity . Sunset Bvd [...]

Michael Jackson Hollywood Walk of Fame

standard Hollywood Walk of Fame , Los Angeles

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles California .  The sidewalk is embedded with more than 2,000 five-pointed stars featuring the names of celebrities honored by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for their [...]

Latest in New York

Sydney, Australia

standard Top 10 Tourist Destinations For This Year Part 2

I presented you the first five top tourist destination for this year. Now, I will present you the last five top tourist  destinations for this year. Don’t forget, the locations are around the world and are the perfect choice for all ages. Here [...]

New York City, Central Park

standard New York City, NY – The City That Never Sleeps

New York is a city of superlatives. Besides being a world financial center, the island of Manhattan is full of world-renowned restaurants, architectural masterpieces and venerable art institutions that make New York the largest city in the world culturally. The [...]

Times Square

standard Top 25 Tourist Destinations In America

The top 25 list of most visited tourist destinations in America includes amusement parks, cities and also natural scenic attractions. I will present you the most visited destinations with a little description. So, we can start the top in descending order. 25. Atlantic [...]